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Two dresses, a shoe and a necklace belonging to Alexina Mary McLean (1926-1929), daughter of Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay. The clothing was either her own, or for a doll given to her by Donald’s sister Mary and her husband Alexander Walker. Part of a large collection of items belonging to and about Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay (1890-1981), and his family.


Life-size doll given to Alexina Mary McLean (1926-1929), daughter of Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay, in around 1928. Unusually, the doll has a china face and brown eyes. It was a present from Donald’s sister Mary and her husband Alexander Walker, and was kept by the family long after Alexina’s death at the age of three. Part of a large collection of items belonging to and about Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay (1890-1981), and his family.

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Black and white photograph of Peter MacLeod, Ruaig (b. 1933), with his wheelbarrow in the garden at the rear of Ruaig Schoolhouse in 1935/36. The building in the background is the Ruaig Congregationalist Chapel, now a private house.

Peter MacLeod was born in Ruaig School house in 1933. His mother, Christina MacLeod (nee MacKinnon), was appointed teacher at Ruaig School about 1922/1923 after completing her training at Jordanhill College. His father, Robert MacLeod, was appointed Headmaster of Ruaig School in 1927/28, and they were married in 1930. Christina had a lifelong interest in gardening, and Peter was given the wheelbarrow to help his mother in the garden.


Composition by Alistair MacNeill, Hynish and North Berwick, titled ‘The games we played’ about his memories of the games that he and other children at Hynish and Balemartine School played in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Black and white postcard photograph of two well-dressed young girls with a scooter in 1915, probably members of the family of Catherine Campbell, Mannal. On the reverse is written “Kathleen and Elizabeth Robson. Taken in Newcastle, April 1915. With much love to dear Miss Campbell”, and addressed to “Miss C Campbell, Fairview, Mannal, Tiree”. From a collection of photographs from Mannal House.



Collection of 29 black & white photographs and postcards retrieved from Mannal House featuring members of the MacDonald family, Catherine Campbell, Annie Campbell, Private H MacDonald, and their relations, around 1900-1930s. Some of these photos are catalogued individually (2015.40.6 – 2015.40.23).


Notes on Gaelic words and phrases made by George Holleyman in 1942-43

Photocopy of George Holleyman`s notebooks in which he recorded Gaelic words, phrases, idioms, sayings, children`s games & toys, song titles, Tiree dishes, and girls & boys names that he heard while serving in the RAF on Tiree in 1942-43, and a list of books about Tiree.

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Inventory of the George Holleyman collection held at An Iodhlann 2013

Printed list of numbered items in the George Holleyman collection of artefacts, photographs, manuscripts and notebooks, held at An Iodhlann. Copy included at the start of the G Holleyman collection file folder. George Holleyman FSA was an archaeologist who was stationed at RAF Tiree during WWII. He carried out significant amounts of pioneering archaeological work in Sussex  during the first half of the 20th century, along with Drs. Eliot and Cecil Curwen. He was made a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries  in 1949.