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Transcript of a medical report written by George Black and Alexander Buchanan at the request of the Procurator Fiscal in Tobermory in 1870. Black (Surgeon in Tobermory) and Buchanan (Surgeon in Tiree) give details on the exhumation of the body of Alexander MacArthur of Scarinish from the burial ground at Soroby. The report contains details on the condition of the body, as well as cause of death.

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Black & white photograph of RAF serviceman Alan George French standing at the east end of Soroby beach during WWII. Hynish, Mannal and Balemartine are visible in the background. The photo was taken by RAF Service Photographer, ‘Peru’ (real name unknown), while both men were serving with 518 Squadron, RAF Tiree.


Photocopied extract ‘Island of Tiree’ from the report of the excursion of the Cambrian Archaeological Association to the Western Islands of Scotland, Orkney and Caithness in June 1899. Includes geographical and historical descriptions of the island and detailed observations of archaeological sites at Soroby, Kilbride, Ardchain, Kirkapoll, Kilchennich and Kilmoluag, plus mention of Gunna Islet.


Black & white photograph of grave markers in the old graveyard at Soroby in the 1950s. The graves are of servicemen buried after WWII but before gravestones were erected. The three gracves to the right and just beyond the service graves belong to the Campbell family of Millport House, Hynsih.


Booklet ‘The Kirk on the Hill’ by Nicholas MacLean Bristol, Coll, 2007. The story of the Church in the Isle of Coll AD 550-2007. Contains material about Tiree when the parishes were joined (pg6): “…when in 1618 the parishes of Kirkapol and Sorobie in Tiree were united with that of Coll to form the United Parish of Tiree and Coll.”


Collection of 29 black & white photographs and postcards retrieved from Mannal House featuring members of the MacDonald family, Catherine Campbell, Annie Campbell, Private H MacDonald, and their relations, around 1900-1930s. Some of these photos are catalogued individually (2015.40.6 – 2015.40.23).

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