Township: scarinish

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Digitised copy of a map of Tiree, dated 1680. The map shows townships in east and west ‘Tirie’, including: Ballevuline [Balevullin], Killmaluaig [Kilmoluaig], Byst [Beist], Bassaboll [Bhasapol], Cornagmore [Cornaigmore], Cornbeg [Cornaigbeg], Kainvay [Kennovay], Balephetris and Baluaig [Balephetris and Baluaig], Cuilis  [Caoles], Ruaig, Salum, Vall [Vaul], Kerkeboll [Kirkapol] , Vill [A’ Bhaoill], Goat [Gott], Scar[-]nish [Scarinish], Heanish, Bay [Baugh], Hileball [Heylipol] Crasseboll [Crossapol], Baleno [Balinoe], [Qu]heise [Cuigeas], Soreby [Soroby], Balemartine, Manall [Mannal], Heynish [Hynish], [He]rine [Heren], Ballephull [Balephuil], Kainvara [Kenavara], Boraball [Barapoll], Balemenoch [Middleton], Sandaig, Grineall [Greenhill], Killkenith [Kilkenneth], M[-]rdost [Murstat], Hoigh [Hough].

The place names in this record were transcribed by volunteers on the Transcribing Tiree project: Jenny Niven, Dr John Holliday, Rou Worsley, Margaret Worsley, and Freddie Arnold.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Digitised copy of a letter from D MacInnes to Lord Archibald Campbell, 7 April 1885.

In the letter MacInnes (4 Battery Terrace, Oban) describes a conversation with an unnamed Tiree man who was born and brought up on the farm of ‘Hianous’ (perhaps Heanish). This unnamed man believes that the people of Tiree are better treated than on any other estate, but that only one half of the population can afford a comfortable living. He describes the situation on the farm of Scarinish, and mentions Sandy MacLean. He writes that four of the crofts there each maintain a horse, two cows, and a ‘stirk or two’ for £15 rent, and that the tenants have ‘unrestrained liberty’ to use as much sea ware (seaweed) as they like for manure and kelp making.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Digitised copy of a letter from the Board of Supervision, to the Duke of Argyll, dated 26 November 1885 regarding the care of paupers in Tiree. A copy letter from D McPhail, Inspector of Poor in Tiree, dated 26 October 1885, is enclosed. McPhail writes regarding the death of Janet McLean or McFadyen (pauper, Balinoe) who lived alone and was found dead in her house. A copy of the medical certificate signed by Alexander Buchanan is included. McPhail observes that ‘we may have more cases of the same kind’ and that ‘the above is the second death in a house alone within the parish this year’.

Also enclosed is a list of paupers living alone in the Parish of Tiree, dated 16 November 1885: Ann McKinnon (Balinoe), Hector McLean (Balinoe), Cath[erine] McDougall (Balephuil), Marion Kennedy (Balevullin), Christina McDonald (Caoles), Mary Brown (Caoles), Mary Campbell (Ernal), Cath[erine] McLean (Ernal), Cath[erine] McFadyen (Heanish), Ann McLean (Hynish), Hannah McDonald (Kenovay), Cath[erine] McKinnon (Mannal), Flora Brown (Sandaig), Malcolm McDonald (Scarinish), Cath[erine] McKinnon (Scarinish), Flora Cameron (Ruaig), Arch[ibal]d McLeod (Vaul). McPhail notes the types of support they receive from the Parochial Board (including ‘necessary clothing and an allowance of soap’).

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Digitised copy of a record showing dispossessed crofters in Mannal and Scarinish, 1865. Contains a list of crofters’ names and remarks on their situation.
Mannal: Donald McMillan (carpenter), Donald McLean S[enio]r (in Glasgow), Allan McDonald (assisting on his brother’s farm), Donald McLean J[unio]r (fisherman, occasionally employed on the lighthouse tender), John Lamont (works the Lightkeepers Lands), Alex[ande]r Henderson (crofter), Hugh McLean (keeps a small store), Alexander Shaw (‘deals occasionally’), Colin Campbell (shoemaker, occasionally employed at the lighthouse), John McDonald (dyke builder)
Scarinish: Mary MacLean (supported by son), Donald McDougall (dead, widow keeps a small store), Alex[ande]r McDonald (has a vessel, trading for the British Seaweed Company) Allan McFadyen (owns two smacks), Hugh McKinnon (shoemaker), Neil Macdonald (shoemaker), Neil McKinnon (unemployed), Neil McLean (carpenter), Hector McKinnon (employed in manuring potato ground).

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Postcard sent from the Isle of Tiree to a Miss E. Nisbit, of Giffnock, Renfrewshire, ca 1950. The image is an ariel photograph of Scarinish and is in sepia. The handwriting is faded, so the name of the sender is unclear, but the surname appears to be McColl. The content is also difficult to read, but there is talk of the weather, typically, sunshine and gales. The photographic image was taken by Wm. Thomson of Fort William. Two 1D postage stamps feature King George VI, dating the postcard to his reign (1936-1952).


Scanned copy of a newspaper cutting lent by Captain George Campbell of Kenovay. It shows members and friends at the Tiree Pipe Band dinner and dance held in Scarinish Hotel.  A post-it note on the back reads ‘As promised, Archie’ and is dated ‘Apr 4/70’ on the front in ink.


Copper Irish half-penny, minted in 1747 and bearing a Hibernian George II. Found in 2022 in the sand at the west side of Scarinish Harbour, in front of the black-roofed house. Accompanying paperwork includes a map, and descriptions of the find and the finder. It is thought that the coin fell from the pocket of a sailor as he came ashore.


Large, round, worked, flint scraper found at Keeper’s Cottage in Scarinish (NM 03893 44266) in 2018. It may have been found elsewhere and discarded in the garden. Includes notes by the finder.


Black & white photo postcard of a view of “Scarinish Village” taken from the south in around 1910. Visible in the distance are the manse/care home, school, bakery, The Reading Room/An Iodhlann, Brown’s Store, Mary Stewart, old lighthouse.



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