Associated People: MacLeod, Mr Peter, Ruaig


Black and white photograph of Peter MacLeod, Ruaig (b. 1933), with his wheelbarrow in the garden at the rear of Ruaig Schoolhouse in 1935/36. The building in the background is the Ruaig Congregationalist Chapel, now a private house.

Peter MacLeod was born in Ruaig School house in 1933. His mother, Christina MacLeod (nee MacKinnon), was appointed teacher at Ruaig School about 1922/1923 after completing her training at Jordanhill College. His father, Robert MacLeod, was appointed Headmaster of Ruaig School in 1927/28, and they were married in 1930. Christina had a lifelong interest in gardening, and Peter was given the wheelbarrow to help his mother in the garden.


Letter in The Scots Magazine, Dec. 2009, from “Barrow Boy” Peter MacLeod (b. 1933) about his childhood on Tiree ca 1936.

Photocopy of a page from The Scots Magazine, Dec. 2009, showing a black & white photograph of a very young Peter MacLeod with his wooden wheel-barrow in Ruaig School playground ca 1935/36, and his letter to the magazine in 2009. The letter tells of the coal puffers beached at Gott Bay and collecting cow-pats in summer for fuel. Peter was the son of the Head Teacher at Ruaig School and was born on Tiree – he classed himself as a Tiree man and spoke Gaelic. He became the Manager of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Argyll Square, Oban. Now retired.