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Composition by Alistair MacNeill, Hynish and North Berwick, titled ‘The games we played’ about his memories of the games that he and other children at Hynish and Balemartine School played in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Jean MacCallum talking about school clothes in the 1940s

Sound clip in English of Jean MacCallum talking about school clothes in the 1940s.

Courtesy of Mrs Jean MacCallum

In a recording made in August in 2005, Mrs Jean MacCallum of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell about the clothes she wore to school in the 1940s. At the age of two, Jean was sent by Glasgow Corporation to be fostered by Alexander and Catherine Kennedy of Balevullin.

When she was fifteen, Jean was taken from Tiree by Glasgow Corporation, very much against her own and her foster family’s wishes, and placed in a Salvation Army home in Pollockshields. She was only returned to the island after her foster family took the matter to court.

Growing up on a Tiree croft, Jean developed a life-long love of the outdoors and of cattle. She later discovered that crofting was in her blood; her paternal grandmother had farmed into her eighties.


Mini-disk recording of Janet Brown, Balephuil talking to Maggie Campbell in August 2005.

Seònaid Brown née MacArthur of Balephuil talks to Maggie Campbell in August 2005 about her schooling at Heylipol during World War II and afterwards at Cornaig, her school clothes, lunches, games, her classes and teachers, school discipline, evacuees and tinkers, Christmas parties, transport to school, ministers and childhood illnesses.


Audio cassette recording of Hector Campbell of Garaphail interviewed by Margaret Bennett of the School of Scottish Studies.

Hector Campbell of Garaphail and Comrie talks to Margaret Bennett of the School of Scottish Studies about Gaelic songs and poetry, the music sailors from Ireland and the islands made at sea, the connections between Tiree and Skye, his boyhood, New Year, Halloween and May Day, superstitions, the weather, herbal remedies, fishing, seaweed as food, the changes in crofting practice, what happened when someone died, dances, washing days and health.


Audio cassette recording of Grace Campbell, Tullymet, talking to Liz Lapsley.

Grace Campbell talks to Liz Lapsley about her family and childhood memories, her schooldays, her life as a teacher, the loss of her parents and the shop, Scarinish Hotel and licencing, her mother`s working day, the hardships of youth, the start of the W.R.I., tinkers, blacksmiths, joiners, funerals, the first cars on Tiree, the plane landing on Gott Bay shore, local events and traditions.


Audio cassette recording of Mary Davies and her sister Jessie Ann Goddard interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Kilmoluaig on 6/9/2002.

Sisters Mary Davies and Jessie Ann Goddard talk to Maggie Campbell in September 2002 about their childhood on Tiree during World War II, their schooldays, Crossapol and its people, their diet during the war, the ‘medicine’ they took as children to ward off colds and cleanse the blood, the games they played, their clothing and dances on Tiree.