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We regret that there is currently no on-site genealogy service, but we do now have a genealogist who can answer your queries remotely. Please contact Flo Staker directly at  providing her with as much information as you can about the family you are researching. Township name and approximate dates of birth/death are particularly useful.

A donation to An Iodhlann of £5 per hour of research would be most welcome. You can donate online, by cheque or in cash.

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2 thoughts on “Family History

  1. Allison McKinnon

    If you look at the list of passengers for the Conrad in 1851, you will see that there were a few heads of households listed with the surname “MacMillan”. The name Mullen does not appear. Perhaps the surname of your ancestor was MacMillan. If so, then it would be possible for you to search the Tiree genealogy website for information on MacMillan families on Tiree prior to 1851.

    1. Katie Harrison

      My Great, Great Grandparents (distant ancestors) were Colin McMillan and his wife Catherine McLean who immigrated to Artemesia Township on the SS Conrad with there family Alexander, John, Malcolm, Agnes Ann, Christena and Donald. They also had a son Lachlan, I am not sure what happened to him.


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