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Digitised copy of a Report from Heylipol Public School for the winter months, February 1883. The report was written for the Duke of Argyll by J McFarlane and is divided into observations on ‘attendance’, ‘progress’, ‘general’ and ‘state of the island’ and contains remarks on: attendance for December 1882 to February 1883; the affect of weather on attendance; subjects taught and standards; appointment of compulsory officers; comments on parents and their attitudes to education; and teachers. McFarlane also discusses unrest in the island (the ‘wild & extravagant ideas that originally started in Ireland’ and the ‘circulation of pernicious & revolutionary literature’) and refers to a petition signed by crofters in the west end. He recounts a conversation with a man named Donald, a crofter in Balevullin, and also refers to the consequences of inadequate farming techniques.

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From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Hardback edition of A Pronouncing Gaelic-English Dictionary by celebrated lexiographer, Neil MacAlpine, of Islay.

Inside cover board inscribed, ‘A.R. MacDonald, Cornaigbeg, Tiree. Personal Property’.

Gaelic to English and English to Gaelic, with phonetic key.

Re-printed from 1845 first pressing several times.



Digitised copy of the Rental of Tiree (in kind) as paid 1652-1675.

Contains rents paid in money and victuals for Tiree. The following townships are included, with some personal names (including Charles Mcleane, Bailie of Tiree): Ballevwllin (Balevullin), Kenavay (Kenovay), Valla (Vaul), Kelisse (Caoles), Shallum (Salum), Ruaige (Ruaig), Kirkapoll (Kirkapol), Gota (Gott), Ballefetrish (Balephetrish) and Balluaig (Baluig), Cornegbeg (Cornaigbeg), Cornaigmor (Cornaigmore), Bassaboill (Bhasapol), Bist (Beist), Killmolwaige (Kilmoluaig), Hoiug (Hough), Mwrdat (Murstat), Killchainich (Kilkenneth), Sandaig, Ballemeanach (Middleton), Barbwll (Barapol), Kenivar (Kenovar), Ballphuill (Balephuil), Heynishe (Hynish), Manvell (Mannal), Ballemartin (Balemartine), Soriby (Soroby), Cwzeiss (Cuigeas. The z in this historical form is the Scots letter yogh), Balleno (Balinoe), Hinilboll and Crosboll (Heylipol and Crossapol), Henishe (Heanish), Bay (Baugh), Herrinine (Heren).

This document is written in secretary hand. There is no transcript available for this item.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Digitised copy of Memorandum of the rental of the east end of Tiree and of the west end of Tiree, 1662.

Contains the extent of the land measured in mail lands (a unit of land tenure possibly deriving from the Old Norse word mælir), with personal names included in the patronymic form. The townships listed are: Ballemulline (Balevullin), Killimulwaige (Kilmoluaig), Bijt (Beist), Basbwll (Bhasapol), Cornegmore (Cornaigmore), Cornegbeg (Cornaigbeg), Kenivaij (Kenovay), Ballefetrishe (Balephetrish), Kirkboll (Kirkapol), Wall (Vaul), Shallum (Salum), Qwaige & moill (Ruaig and Vuill), Caillis (Caoles), Hienishe (Heanish), Baighe (Baugh), Hilliboll & Crossboll (Heylipol & Crossapol), Balleno (Balinoe), Cw[y]eisse (Cuigeas), Sorribij & Ballemertine (Soroby & Balemartine), Manwell [Mannal], Heynish (Hynish), Herrinnine (Heren), Ballefwill (Balephuil), Kenivar (Kenavara), Barbwll (Barrapol), Ballemeanach (Middleton), Santaige (Sandaig), Grenall (Greenhill), Kerrafergosse (Kerreferguss), Kerremeanach, Kerrenakill (Keranokile), Crossiger (Kerachrosecar), and Mwrdate (Murstat)

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From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Compact, leather-covered, Gaelic ‘Biobull / Bible’, produced by Comunn-Bhiobull Duthchail na h-Alba. On the inside front cover is written ‘Cornaig Sunday School. For Mary Ishbel MacDonald [Kenovay], with every good wish for the future, J Gillies, 28/8/46. John Gillies was the Church of Scotland Missionary on Tiree for 17 years (1937-1954), teaching Sunday School in Gaelic and English.


Booklet ‘Domhnall Dearg’, a translation into Gaelic of the play ‘The Five Year Plan’ by Kenneth Stewart, produced by An Comunn Gaidhealach in 1950. From the belongings of the MacDonald/MacCorquodale/MacLean family of Kenovay.


Book ‘Am Briathrachan Beag’ by Calum MacPharlain, 1912. Not only was this Gaelic vocabulary intended to accompany Elementary Reading Books of the time, but it also contains words from the Popular Historical Sketches of Lachlan MacLean: ‘Rob Roy’, ‘William Wallace’ and ‘John Knox’. Signed by Isla MacDonald of the MacDonald/MacCorquodale/MacLean family of Kenovay.


Small, green-paper covered Gaelic booklet of religious questions and answers `Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist` edited by Iain Domhnullach, D.D., Ministeir ann an Dgire na Toisigheachd, in 1893. The booklet has been lovingly covered with stiff card from an old cigar/cigarette box, and signed by  ‘H Ray’ and by ‘R Macdonald’. It is also annotated in pencil throughout. From the belongings of the MacDonald/MacCorquodale/MacLean family of Kenovay.



Transcript of papers detailing charges of sheep stealing, house breaking and theft against Archibald MacArthur (labourer, Antuim, Mull) and John Herbertson (labourer, Druimnacroish, Mull) in 1864. MacArthur and Herbertson are accused of stealing sheep from Baleuchrach in January 1864 and of stealing bottles of wine and champagne from Bellachroy on the evening of Friday 27 November 1863.

Statements are provided by:

John Paterson (shepherd to William Lang, residing at Lochs House in the united parish of Kilninian and Kilmore)
John Scott (sheep and farm manager for William Lang, Sorne)
John McLeod (shepherd, Baliachrach)
Ann McCallum (residing with Archibald MacArthur, Antuim. The niece of Archibald MacArthur’s wife)
Flora McLean or McDonald (wife of and residing with Alexander Macdonald, Antuim)
Isabell Cameron or McCarmail (also spelled in the transcript as McCannail. A pauper, Antuim)
Mrs Mary McLean (wife of Donald MacLean, Corachan)
John Kennedy (crofter, Dervaig)
Donald McLean (labourer, Dervaig)
Charles Cameron (son of and residing with John Cameron, Dervaig)
Mary Herbertson (daughter of and residing with John Herbertson, Achnadrish. Sister of the accused)
Neil MacKinnon (son of and residing with John MacKinnon, Druimnacroish)
Lachlan McLean (shopman to and residing with Neil MacKinnon, Tobermory)
Jessie Livingstone (servant to and residing with Mrs Petrie in the Mull Hotel, Tobermory)
James Sturton (forester, Drumfin)
Catherine Kennedy (Dervaig)
Dugald McLachlan (Keeper of the Prison of Tobermory and residing there)
Thomas Semple (tenant, Antuim)
Jessie Paterson or Morison (widow, residing with John Paterson at the Lakes about four miles from Tobermory)
Richard Semple (son of and residing with Thomas Semple, Antuim)
Alexander McLean (Dervaig)
Hector McLaine (shopkeeper, Dervaig)
William Sproat (writer in Tobermory)
Hugh McLean (blacksmith, Dervaig)
Marion Beaton or McLean (wife of and residing with Hugh Maclean, Dervaig)
John McLean (tenant, Retreat)
Mary MacDonald or Herbertson (wife of and residing with John Herbertson [accused], Druimnacroish)
Catherine MacArthur (wife of and residing with Archibald MacArthur [accused], Antuim)
Angus MacKinnon (shepherd, Torr)
John Herbertson (farm manager, Achnadrish. Father of accused)
Neil Kennedy (crofter, Dervaig)
Jessie Macdonald (niece of and residing with Archibald MacDonald, Tobermory
Duncan MacKinnon (drover, Kilmoluaig, Tiree)
Archibald MacDonald (merchant, Tobermory)
Duncan Cameron (Police Constable, Heanish, Tiree)
John MacIntyre (crofter, Dervaig)
Mary McCulloch or Lamont (wife of and residing with Robert Lamont, Tobermory)
Allan Cameron (Sergeant of Police, Tobermory)
John MacKenzie (Police Constable, Tobermory)

Part of the judicial declaration is missing, as well as some of the testimony of Mary McCulloch or Lamont, and the full testimony of Robert Lamont (merchant, Tobermory). The transcript provides details of sheep farming and sheep management and makes mention of old dates for Christmas and New Year. The transcript also mentions the process by which Gaelic was translated into English.

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Transcript of Inventory of Precognition against Lachlan Galbraith on charges of fraud and Breach of the Peace in April 1862. Galbraith (teacher, Callert, Inverness-shire) was accused of misusing funds raised to buy passage to Canada, and of causing a breach of the peace in the Isle of Coll. The statements mention that Galbraith claimed to be noted for translating books from English into Gaelic.

Statements are provided by:
Lachlann MacTaggart Galbraith (teacher, Callert)
Willliam Malcolm (Excise Officer, Bunessan, Mull)
Charles MacQuarie (merchant, Bunessan, Mull)
Lachlan Macphail (merchant, Bunessan, Mull)
John McDonald (retired parochial school master, Bunessan, Mull)
Reverend Robert Stewart (Assapol, Mull)
Nicol MacIntyre (tacksman, Knockvaolagain [Knockvologan], Mull)
Angus MacInnes (teacher, Isle of Iona)
June MacColl or Smith (wife of James Smith [lightkeeper], Hynish, Tiree)
Jessie Bannatyne or Sanderson (wife of Thomas Sanderson [lightkeeper] Hynish, Tiree)
Malcolm Livingston (teacher, Kirkapol, Tiree)
Reverend John Gregorson Campbell (The Manse, Gott, Tiree)
Duncan Martin (drainer, Heylipol)
Reverend Lachlan Macdonald (Mannal, Tiree)
Reverend James MacColl (lives with Donald McLean [brother in law], Arileod, Coll)
Duncan MacArthur (drainer, Grimsary, Coll)
Mary Maclean (residing at Knock-a-vada, Arinagour, Coll)
Ann MacKenzie (residing at Knock-a-vada, Arinagour, Coll)
John Johnston Junior (son of and residing with John Johnston Senior, Arnabost, Coll)
Allan MacLean (farmer, Mippost, Coll)
Niel Macfadyen (farm servant, Cliad, Coll)
James Hawthorn (innkeeper, Arinagour, Coll)
William Tait Meikle (clerk to firm of J & A Allan Merchants and Shipping Agents, No 70 Great Clyde Street, Glasgow. Residing at No 10 Abbotsford Place, Lauriston, Glasgow)

This record contains details of an attempted sexual assault. Click to read a transcript of this item.

From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.

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