Associated People: Campbell, Mr Hector J. C., Cornaigbeg (1923 - 1997)


DVD compilation of sections of old films about Tiree, made in 2016 from videos held in An Iodhlann amongst others. Includes footage of: ferries, the Mary Stewart, Scarinish harbour, Scarinish Hotel, the ringing stone, Nester and Gavin Carter’s bakery and bread making, school bus driven by butcher Donald MacLean, The Reef, livestock health, Balephetrish, Mannal, Balemartine, Baugh, Tiree High School, children singing a traditional Gaelic hunting song, accordion music and several accordionists, Gaelic songs sung by locals at a ceilidh, thatched houses and thatching with Hector Brown, Alexander MacNeill’s opinions on thatched houses (1985),  Am Bail Ur in Balephuil, Iain MacKinnon talking in Gaelic and English in his house at Kilmoluaig, Hynish harbour and buildings, harvesting and stooks, Cornaig mill, livestock sales, airport, bands, Balevullin, An Iodhlann, Tiree Music Festival, Travee, aerial view of a seal swimming, bicycles, schoolyard games, sheep shearing, Gott Bay pier, cattle, pipe music, shops, ships, Vaul, timelapse film of the sky as the sun sets and rises, young Eilidh Campbell and her brother talk in Gaelic about life on Tiree. Other people include: Ann Carter, Douglas Carter, Sinclair Carter, Olwen Carter, Monica Smith (nee Davis), Neil MacPhail, Angus MacPhail, Mairi Campbell, Bernard Smith, Iain MacDonald, Iain Brown, Iain MacLean, Myra Brown, Hector Campbell, Alex MacArthur, Gordon Connell.


Information about the tradition of `Lining Out` the Psalm at Church services pre-1940

Composition by Ailean Boyd about the tradition of `Lining Out the Psalm` in Tiree churches, whereby the precentor chants out each line before it is sung collectively by the congregation. It appears to have come to an end in the mid- to late-1930s. Includes a ‘Short Note’ on the subject published in Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal, Vol. 4, 2014, and notes about the correct name for Heylipol.


Photograph of pipers at Scarinish pier ca 1960

Black and white photograph of three pipers at Scarinish pier around 1960. L-R: Hugh MacLean, Sallum, Hector J Campell, Cornaigbeg, Robert Beck, Ruaig. (original photo in filing cabinet 9 drawer 3)



Hector J. C. Campbell of Cornaigbeg in the 1970s

Photograph of Hector Campbell of Cornaigbeg setting up potato drills in the 1970s.


Courtesy of Mrs Mairi Campbell

Hector J. C. Campbell on his tractor in the fields at Corrairigh. Hector is setting up the potato drills, this picture was taken in the 1970s.

Colour photograph of Hector J. C. Campbell of Cornaigbeg in the 1970s.

Hector J. C. Campbell setting up potato drills at Corrairigh in Cornaigbeg in the 1970s.