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Insurance claim receipt made out to MacLaren Grain and Co., 1885. The claim was to recoup losses as a result of the steamship ‘Ardandhu’ colliding in 1883. Paid out by the insurance company William Euing & Co. Brokers. Before this incident, in 1881, the SS Ardandhu sank after colliding with another ship on the River Clyde. It went on to become wrecked on Hough Skerries off the west coast of Tiree during a storm in 1891.



Accounting book belonging to Robert Nisbet, Heanish, containing records of amounts spent on (1) fencing materials for croft apportionment and the Scarinish-Heanish boundary in 1972, including the share of the costs for Nisbet and DA Cameron, and labour paid to Neil MacNeill for fencing work, (2) supplies from Boots the Chemists, Oban, 1948-1952, (3) goods from Cook & Blair, Greenock, 1948-1952, (3) goods from Cooper, McDougall & Robertson, Glasgow, 1947-1952, (3) insurance from the Co-operative Insurance Society, Glasgow, 1946-1952, (4) goods and services from George & Jobling, Glasgow, 1949-1952, (5) goods from Speedwell Lubricants, London, 1949-1951, (6) goods from Duncan MacDougall, Oban, 1950-1952, (7) goods from Kilmarnock Equitable Co-op Society, 1948-1950, (8) goods from J&D Hilston, Lanark, 1948-1952, (9) goods from McGill & Smith, Ayr, 1948-1952, (10)  goods from MacFarlan Shearer & Co., Greenock, 1948-1952, (11) goods from Scottish Agricultural Industries, Glasgow, 1948-1952, (12) services from GPO – Telephone Manager, Glasgow, 1949-1951, (13) bull services of the Scarinish Hotel, 1950, (14) veterinary services of DS Brown, Oban, 1951-1952, (15) rent to the Duke of Argyll, 1949-1952, (16) membership of the Highland Cattle Society of Scotland, 1949-1951, (17) subscription to the Scottish Farmer newspaper, Glasgow, 1951-1952. The accounting book itself is titled “The Guildhall series of stock rulings”.


Documents and information about the Lamont family of Ruaig, 1862-1945

Photocopies of certificates and information about the Lamont family of Ruaig: (1) birth and death certificates for Captain John Lamont (1862-1926) seaman & crofter, son of Charles Lamont, general merchant & crofter, and Ellen Lamont (nee Munn), (2) letter from Argyll County Council regarding Charles D Lamont`s application for a coal merchant license, 1951, (3) honorary membership card to Buenos Aires social clubs for Charles D Lamont, (4) National Union of Seamen membership book for Charles D Lamont 1941, (5) newspaper obituary for Flying Officer Ian Lamont (Charles D Lamont`s brother) who was killed testing a jet meteor plane in the south of England, (6) certificate of qualification as first pilot for Ian Lamont, 1942, (7) summary of escort sorties flown by Ian Lamont for August 1943 in spitfires and tiger moths, including details of bombing runs by marauders in France, (8) summary of escort sorties by Ian Lamont for March 1945 in spitfires, oxfords, DH82s.

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Photograph of MacArthur`s shop, Scarinish, ca. 1900

Black & white photograph of MacArthur`s shop, Scarinish, including a direction signpost and horse & cart. Taken by Erskine Beveridge during 1896-1901. Original reprint from RCAHMS in Filing Cabinet 9, drawer 3.


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