Digitised copy of the Rental of Tiree by Ardgour, 1662.

Contains rents paid in money and victuals for the west and east ends of Tiree, by Maclean of Ardgour. The following townships are included: Hianenish (Heanish), Baighe (Baugh), Helliboill and Crossiboill (Heylipol and Crossapol), Courerse (Cuigeas), Sorobe and Ballemartine (Soroby and Balemartine), Manuall (Mannal), Haivenish (Hynish), Eyren (Heren), Balllipaill (Balephuil), Kenvar (Kenovar), Barboll (Barrapol), Ballemanoch (Middleton), Saindaig (Sandaig), Grianall (Greenhill), Kerrefergus (Kerreferguss), Kerremanoch (Kerremeanach), Kerrenokill (Kerenokile), Crossiger (Kerachrosegar), Momdrot or Moidrot[?] (Murstat), Hodgh[?] (Hough), The mylne (the mill), Ballliewilling (Balevullin), Kilmaluaig (Kilmoluaig), Bist (Beist), Ballanacraganich (Baile nan Cràganach), Ballaboill (Bhasapol), Cornegmore (Cornaigmore), Cornegbeig (Cornaigbeg), Kenway (Kenovay), Ballefedru[?] (Balephetrish), Balwaig (Baluaig), Kirkapoill (Kirkapol), Vaull (Vaul), Shallum (Salum), Ruag & Muyll (Ruaig and (Vuill), Keylis (Caoles), Gott.

This document is written in secretary hand. There is no transcript for this item.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


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Other Number: NRAS 1209/2531/11
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