Mini-disk SA1968/32.

Donald Sinclair (Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhàin) of Balephuil talks about poultry feed and flour, gives two proverbs, talks about women wrestling in Tiree, sings a song about the Campbells and MacLeans, talks about Hogmanay rhymes and traditions, sings ‘Calum Bàn’ and ‘Duain Callain’, talks about choosing a dog, about bards and sings two songs miscalling a Moss Bard and sings ‘Maighdeannan na h-Airigh’, talks about weaving patterns and dyeing, using hen dung for washing, sings a waulking song and a lullaby, talks bout using urine for waulking, washing, drying and finishing wool, barn dances, the words used during the process of turning wool to cloth, tailors and weavers.

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Other Number: not specified

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