Associated People: MacQuarrie, Mr Lachlan, Hynish (1810 - )


Composition “The Story of Elizabeth Crow and Murdoch McQuarie”

Composition about the life and family history of Elizabeth Crow (1860-1883) who came to live at Hynish with her lighthouse-keeper father and mother, at the age of 15. In 1880, she had an illegitimate daughter by Murdoch McQuarie, the eldest son of Lachlan McQuarie, tacksman of Hynish Farm. The McQuarie family would not allow their son to marry Elizabeth. Written by her great niece in 2011.


Photocopied letter to the Duke of Argyll from John M. M. Geekie dated 3/2/1875 (Bundle 1808).

Letter to the Duke of Argyll from John M. M. Geekie dated 3/2/1875 about an offer for the Temperance Hotel in Scarinish by John MacLean, merchant of Scarinish, the poor state of the hotel under the management of Lachlan MacQuarrie, and the death of Mrs Barr of Belphetrish.


Photocopied report on Heylipol School by John MacFarlane in 1873 (Bundle 931).

Report on Heylipol School by schoolmaster John MacFarlane in August 1873 for the Duchess of Argyll, giving average attendance, subjects taught and comments on the harvest, the disharmony amongst members of the School Board which has been referred to the Education Board in Edinburgh.



Lachlan MacQuarie’s letter of 1866

Transcription of Lachlan MacQuarie’s letter of 1866 to the Duke of Argyll about a summons of removing served on him in Baugh.

Courtesy of His Grace the Duke of Argyll

In 1860, Dr Alexander Buchanan was appointed Medical Officer for Tiree. He was encouraged by the Duke of Argyll who seems to have promised him the tenancy of Baugh Farm. Previously doctors had not stayed long in Tiree due to insufficient remuneration.

His arrival was fiercely opposed by the sitting tenant at Baugh, Lachlan MacQuarie. The latter wrote to the Duke accusing Dr Buchanan and the factor Mr Geekie of excessive drinking and setting a bad example to the islanders which had led to an outbreak of petty crime.

As well as maligning the doctor and the factor, MacQuarie questioned the Duke’s ability to judge character. His appeal was rejected and Dr. Buchanan settled down in Baugh Cottage on the site of the present kitchen of Baugh House.


Letter dated 25/2/1998 from R. K. Campbell with three photocopied pictures.

Letter from R. K. Campbell dated 25/2/1998 describing enclosed photocopies: a sketch of John Campbell (Am Baillidh Mor) by J. F Campbell in 1870, a photograph of the same and a photograph of the MacQuarrie family of Hynish dated 15/9/1864.