Associated People: Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll George, Tiree (1823 - 1900)


Article titled ‘Tiree and the Dukes of Argyll in the age of the Clearances and Crofters’ War: coercion, controversy and confrontation’ by James Petre, published in West Highland Notes & Queries, July 2017, pp 17-23. An account of how Tiree changed after the Dukes of Argyll took possession of the island in 1674, and the reaction of the islanders to that change.

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Bound booklet of transcribed excerpts regarding Tiree from the Autobiography and Memoirs of George Douglas, 8th Duke of Argyll (1823-1900).

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Letter from the Duke of Argyll to the widow of John MacKinnon in 1931

Photocopies of an envelope and hand-written letter of condolence from the Duke of Argyll to Mrs John (Margaret) MacKinnon, whose late husband was “the faithful ground officer” to the Duke`s grandfather “during a troubled period on Tiree”. Dated 4 May 1931.

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Booklet `Sìl an Eòrna – Children of the Barley` 2006

Booklet about the circumstances and fates of people who left Tiree en masse, sailing to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia and USA during the mid 1800s to early 1900s. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Book “Scotland as it was and as it is” by the 8th Duke of Argyll, 1887

Hardback history of Scotland “Scotland as it was and as it is” (second edition 1887) by the Duke of Argyll (1823-1900) with sections on Tyree. Handwritten on inside cover “William D MacLean 1986”.


Medal commemorating the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria, 1897

Bronze(?) commemorative medal. Bears Queen Victoria`s head in profile and the words “Victoria Regina 1837-1897” on one side, and “In commemoration of the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria June ?? 1897. The gift of the Duchess of Argyll” on the other side. A small hole has been drilled through at the top, presumably for a chain or ribbon. Originally from Donald Meek`s house “MacDonald”.


CD-ROM labelled “Duke of Argyll” containing scanned pages of an 18th century notebook

CD-ROM from Linda Brackenbury, Coll, labelled “Duke of Argyll” containing digital images of 11 hand-written pages from a personal notebook (belonging to the Duke?). Style of writing and page quality suggests 18th century. Content unclear.