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Book `Coll & Tiree` by Erskine Beveridge, 1903 edition

1903 edition of the book `Coll & Tiree – their prehistoric forts and ecclesiastical antiquities with notices of ancient remains in the Treshnish Isles` by Erskine Beveridge, with photographs and maps. Book no. 82 of 300 impressions. Written inside the front cover: Presented to “Lachlan Grant, Vallay”.


Photograph of Lachie & Flora MacLean at a Bronze Age burial chamber, Kenavara, ca. 1998

Colour photograph of Lachie & Flora MacLean, Druimfraoich, at ‘Naimh Chaluim Chèaird / the cave of Calum the tinker’ on the Balephuil side of Kenavara around 1995-2000. Thought to be a Neolithic/Bronze Age burial chamber. It is named after a traveller who presumably sheltered there.



Letter from `Time Team`s Mick Aston to Dr John Holliday, 2010

Typed letter from Prof. Mick Aston (BBC`s `Time Team` archaeology series of TV programmes) to Dr John Holliday (Chair of An Iodhlann) thanking him for his letter and newsletter, and stating that he very much enjoyed his visit to Tiree in 2009 and that he hoped to return. Dated 21 Oct. 2010.


A historical account of Tiree and its churches

Typed account of some key events in Tiree’s history and its churches. Unknown author. May have been the notes for a public talk. Typed ca. 1960. Found by the Rev. Neil MacKinnon, Cumbernauld, during a clear out of his house in 2010.

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Section of map showing location of the well at Dùn Mhòr broch, Vaul

Photocopied tracing of a section of map F19 – Ordnance Survey map sheet LXV.1, 1899 scale 1:2,5000, showing the location of the well `Tobar Duin Mhoir` at the broch at Vaul.



Fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through

Large fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through collected by Charles MacDonnell from Salum beach in 2009, and possible explanation of its purpose by Ian Hewitt of Bournemouth University: may have been used as a beehive, the holes being for ventilation. It may also have been a ceramic milk strainer used in cattle husbandry (see page 17 of  GW Davis 2011).


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