The ‘Mary Stewart’ in Scarinish harbour.

Photograph of the schooner ‘Mary Stewart’ in Scarinish harbour in the early 20th century.


Courtesy of Mr Angus Munn

This photograph taken in the 1920s or 1930s shows the ‘Mary Stewart’ in Scarinish harbour with the Temperance Hotel on the right and MacArthurs’ general store on the left. Built by Barclay in Ardrossan in 1868, the sixty-four foot long ‘Mary Stewart’ was rigged as double-topsail schooner and had a tonnage of sixty-five.

Originally trading on the Irish coast, she was bought in 1908 for Donald MacLean of Scarinish by his relation, Dugald MacKinnon. Dugald was known as Dùghall an Òir (Dugald of the gold) because he had had been successful in the Australian Gold Rush.

Donald MacLean, with his sons as crew, traded up and down the West Coast of Scotland carrying coal and other cargo until the late 1930s when steam superseded sail. The remains of the ‘Mary Stewart’ can still be seen in Scarinish harbour.

Black and white photograph of the Mary Stewart in Scarinish harbour.

The Mary Stewart in Scarinish harbour with MacArthur`s Store in the background at the left and the Scarinish Hotel on the right, photographed in the early 20th century.

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