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OS map of Tiree annotated for road upgrades in the 1970s

Copy of OS map of Tiree (1:25,000) that has been annotated by hand to show which roads are to be upgraded in an extensive road improvement programme for the island. Probably in the 1970s. Locations of shops and road weight limits are included. Marked on the reverse “Tiree – for Bob Jones”.


Hand-made poster for “Bothan Seonaige” – Janet`s Bothy/Shop, ca. 1970

Hand-made poster for fictitious shop `Bothan Seonaige` – Janet`s Bothy, listing in Gaelic items that can be bought, such as whiskys `Each Crubach` – Black Horse, and `Glè Bhochd` – Very Poor, and unusual items ceann gropaig – sheep`s head, and cung fhuasgladh – laxative. Made by Alasdair Sinclair, Brock, ca 1970. Unknown purpose.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 366, 15/4/2006.

Local news and events including the new air ambulance service, the councillor`s view, the opening of Chocolate and Charms, the retiral of archivist Murdo MacDonald, notice from Argyll Estates about unauthorised extraction of sand/gravel from the beaches for non-agricultural uses and the Argyll & Bute Volunteer Awards.


Photocopied photo of a Tiree tradesman van from the Scots Magazine with information about the trader.

Photo of a Tiree tradesman van from the August 1962 issue of the Scots Magazine with information about the trader.

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