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Fragment of a stoneware bottle

Fragment of a bottle made of light brown, glazed, pottery/ceramic engraved with “Bournes Improved vitreous stone bottle. EX. Guaranteed not to absorb”. Found in the garden of Pairc na Coille, Balephuil, in 2013.


Small narrow moulded glass bottle with long neck and cork, found in the wall of Alec and Morag MacKenzie`s house at Milton. Contains golden-brown particulate residue.


Old glass `Schweppe` bottle

Tall, round-bottomed glass bottle found in the dump behind Baugh Surgey in 2012. Pale clear glass with large raised lettering all around bottle reading “J.Schweppe & Co., 51 Berners Street, Oxford Street, genuine superior, aerated waters”. Probably used for administering medicines.


Glass bottle from Holland washed up on the shore in 2012

Large square clear glass bottle with metal screw cap, found on a Tiree shore in 2012. Embossed “HOLLAND” on one side and “P.BOKMA` on other, with “106.8”, a star and other symbols on the bottom. Probably discarded overboard from a Dutch fishing vessel.


Map and letter from US Navy to Donald MacKinnon, Brock, about `Bottle Paper Drifts`, dated 1929.

Map of the Atlantic showing the direction and frequency of ocean currents from data collected from `Bottle Papers` thrown overboard by the US Navy during 1924-1929, and a letter from the Hydrographic Office of the US Navy to Donald MacKinnon, Ruaig, in 1929, thanking him for the returned bottle paper that he found on Tiree.


Letter to Ulrike Rawson, Balephetrish in reply to message in to bottle found by Donald Brown, Vaul, 1999

Letter from seaman Peter Fairbairn, Northumberland, who regularly launches messages in bottles. Donald Brown found the message, and Ulrike Rawson replied to the message. The bottle was launched off the eastern seaboard of America or the Caribbean between May 1989 and December 1990. That`s 9-10 years at sea!. The letter from Peter Fairbairn to Ulrike gives details of his travels at sea in the oil industry, including a copy of the page from his seaman`s book that shows his location at the time he launched the bottle.