Digitised outline copy of the Plan of Scarinish and Hianish, Tyree, as divided by George Langlands, 1802. Hianish is divided into 18 crofts of 3-6 acres each, laid out in an irregular grid pattern. Scarinish is divided into 30 crofts of mainly 4-5 acres, with some smaller plots, one of 12 acres and an Inn Croft of 36.2 acres. The site of a proposed village is shown near Scarinish harbour. Common pasture, shared common pasture and areas of blown sand are depicted on both townships. The shared common pasture is noted as being part of Drumdearg Commonty. Total acreages given.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.

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Other Number: IA-R200

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