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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 313, 21/2/2004.

Local news and events including a wind turbine for the new hall, letter from the factor A. Montgomery to MSP George Lyon re community buyout of Tiree, the cattle sale on 14/2/2004, relocation of civil service jobs to Tiree and news from the Tiree Heritage Society and the school.


Photocopied handwritten letter from Hugh MacDiamid dated 11/9/1899.

Letter from the factor Hugh MacDiarmid dated 11/9/1899 to the Duke`s chamberlain about a hay shed in Heylipol, the water supply to the Lodge, Donald Cameron – a squatter in Hough, cottars not paying rent and the croft of the late Neil MacLean, Caoles.


Photocopied letter from Hugh MacDiarmid to the Duke`s chamberlain dated 7/12/1898.

Letter from the factor Hugh MacDiarmid dated 7/12/1898 to the Duke`s chamberlain about the deaths of two crofters, Archibald Brown of Mannal and Donald MacDonald of Ruaig, the state of the miller`s house at Cornaig (rotten flooring), and a request by Donald MacFadyen to build a store in Cornaigmore and a Coal-ree at Kenovay.