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DVD film of the interior of Iain MacKinnon’s (Iain Chaluim) thatched house at Kilmoluaig in 1997. Iain Chaluim is seated by his hearth speaking with Iain Patterson, East Linton, while the camera pans the inside of the house, focusing on a variety of objects: medicines, tea caddies, photo of a baby, the range, glassware, wall clock, crockery, the interior of the porch. Furniture and a gas cooker, radio and kerosene lamp are also visible. The sound is muffled although Iain Chaluim can be heard to say “I don’t think Dr Holliday approves…very nice man”, then both Iain’s prepare roll-up cigarettes. Another unidentified crofter is present briefly at the start of the film. (5 minutes).

Access to this film is partially restricted


Matchbox coaster

Handmade wooden box with four matchbox drawers with paper clip handles, attached beneath a coaster showing a colour picture of Travee from Balephuil. Probably made in the 1970s. Found during a house clearance when Iain & Helen Paterson sold their house `Taigh bean Iain/Nona Tuaigs` at Caoles, ca. 2011.


Section of sub-sea power cable between Tiree & Gunna

Section of the sub-sea power cable that conducts electricity to Tiree from the mainland. The section was cut from between Gunna and Tiree when the power cable was broken and replaced in 2011. Three-phase current at 11,000 volts (compared with the Islay cable which operates at 33,000 volts). Yellow and black outer sheath, inner protection of ring of steel wires, followed by ring of lead insulation around inner electrical cable of three copper cores.


Photograph of Calum MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig and Cathie Gunn, ca 1980s

Colour photograph of Calum (Iain Bhan) MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig and Cathie Gunn sitting in front of the fire in Calum`s house during the 1980s. Calum`s house was the last without electricity on the island – he never wanted it.



Fact sheet about “Tilley” – Tiree`s community wind turbine, 2010

Factsheet about Tiree`s community wind turbine “Tilley” giving the background to the project, its costs, output, comparison with other island wind turbines, electricity and income, future, tiree windfall fund, personnel involved and acknowledgements.

Click here to view 2010.37.1


Letter in The Scots Magazine, Dec. 2009, from “Barrow Boy” Peter MacLeod (b. 1933) about his childhood on Tiree ca 1936.

Photocopy of a page from The Scots Magazine, Dec. 2009, showing a black & white photograph of a very young Peter MacLeod with his wooden wheel-barrow in Ruaig School playground ca 1935/36, and his letter to the magazine in 2009. The letter tells of the coal puffers beached at Gott Bay and collecting cow-pats in summer for fuel. Peter was the son of the Head Teacher at Ruaig School and was born on Tiree – he classed himself as a Tiree man and spoke Gaelic. He became the Manager of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Argyll Square, Oban. Now retired.


Information about petrol outlets on Tiree in the 20th century.

Information about petrol outlets on Tiree in the 20th century gathered from Angus MacLean, Alasdair Sinclair, Lachie MacArthur, Iain Macleod and Alasdair MacArthur.

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