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Photograph of the stonemason`s benchmark on Kirkapol Church

Colour photograph of the stonemason`s benchmark etched into a foundation stone of Kirkapol Church. Although eroded and difficult to see, the upward-pointing arrow is in the centre of the photograph. The benchmark is exactly where the Ordnance Survey map of 1878 puts it.



Black and white photograph of a group of people outside Ruaig School in 1921.

Building the extension to, or re-building, Ruaig School after the fire. In the back row are Calum MacKinnon, butcher in Scarinish (2nd left), Colin MacArthur, mason from Caoles (3rd right) and Sandy Mor MacLean from Sea View, Caoles (2nd right). 3rd from L (seated) may be Elizabeth Lamont (Lizzie Bhan).