Transcript of Inventory of Precognition investigating the death of Joseph Evans and William James on 8 August 1868. Evans (cook and seaman on board the Maria and Fanny) and James (Master on board the Maria and Fanny) drowned on the wreck of the Maria Fanny of Milford Devon Wales. The Maria and Fanny was on a journey between Ayr and Limerick with a cargo of coals, but hit a rock – ‘bo-more’ (possibly Bogha Mòr) – near Kenavara in a storm.

The transcript contains descriptions of clothing and tattoos found on the deceased, as well as some descriptions of their bodies. Thomas Davis mentions the following locations in his account of the ship’s journey: Lamlash (Isle of Arran), ‘Torry’ Island (perhaps Tory or Toraigh Island), Skerryvore, Tiree. The transcript names Archibald Campbell as Receiver of Wrecks at Balinoe.

Statements are provided by:

Angus MacArthur (crofter, Balephuil)
Malcolm MacArthur (crofter, Balephuil)
Alexander MacDonald (fisherman, Balephuil)
Donald MacArthur (son of and residing with Angus MacArthur, Balephuil)
Duncan Cameron (Constable, Tiree)
Thomas Davis (seaman, Pembroke)
James Brown (seaman, Pembrokeshire)
William Thomas (seaman, Devon)
Donald McArthur (fisherman, Balephuil)
Archibald Brown, (farmer, Balephuil)
Archibald Brown (seaman, Mannal)

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.

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Other Number: TPF/1868/3
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