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Collection of articles, poems, photographs and illustrations by Alistair MacNeill of Hynish (b. 1940). Alistair recollects his experiences competing in the County Sports, Skerryvore Lighthouse, the Great China Tea Race of 1866, rock fishing with a bamboo rod, ‘The Wembly Wizards’ Scottish football team of 1928, gathering tangles (seaweed) for the kelp industry, Ben Nevis, a puffer coal boat at Hynish pier. Includes two covering letters with further information.


Copy of the Scottish Islands Explorer magazine, Mar-Apr 2019, , with an article on pages 28-31 about Skerryvore Lighthouse by James Petre who outlines its construction and commends viewing it, even visiting it. Three colour photos.


Transcript of Inventory of Precognition investigating the death of Joseph Evans and William James on 8 August 1868. Evans (cook and seaman on board the Maria and Fanny) and James (Master on board the Maria and Fanny) drowned on the wreck of the Maria Fanny of Milford Devon Wales. The Maria and Fanny was on a journey between Ayr and Limerick with a cargo of coals, but hit a rock – ‘bo-more’ (possibly Bogha Mòr) – near Kenavara in a storm.

The transcript contains descriptions of clothing and tattoos found on the deceased, as well as some descriptions of their bodies. Thomas Davis mentions the following locations in his account of the ship’s journey: Lamlash (Isle of Arran), ‘Torry’ Island (perhaps Tory or Toraigh Island), Skerryvore, Tiree. The transcript names Archibald Campbell as Receiver of Wrecks at Balinoe.

Statements are provided by:

Angus MacArthur (crofter, Balephuil)
Malcolm MacArthur (crofter, Balephuil)
Alexander MacDonald (fisherman, Balephuil)
Donald MacArthur (son of and residing with Angus MacArthur, Balephuil)
Duncan Cameron (Constable, Tiree)
Thomas Davis (seaman, Pembroke)
James Brown (seaman, Pembrokeshire)
William Thomas (seaman, Devon)
Donald McArthur (fisherman, Balephuil)
Archibald Brown, (farmer, Balephuil)
Archibald Brown (seaman, Mannal)

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Transcript of Precognition investigating the loss of the Barque Grav von Scheffen of Rostock (Barque Graf von Schlieffen of Rostock) in August 1868. The transcript contains an account by Arfst Baalandorf Staormon (mate on board the barque, Island of Fahr [Föhr], Schleswig-Hostein) of how the barque ran aground on a reef off the Isle of Iona while it was carrying salt and soap on a voyage from Liverpool to Halifax and back. The transcript mentions locations including: Maidens Light (possibly Maidens Lighthouse), Skerryvore, Tiree, Dhu Heartach and Iona. A record for the wreck of this barque is available on Canmore.

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Transcript of a Police Report and Precognition of Witnesses regarding the sudden deaths of John Mcdonald, Lachlan Macdonald, Donald McDonald, John Orr and John McLean in April 1860.

The men left Manal on 27 April 1860 to fish ‘Relstay fishing bank’ near Stevenson’s Rock (described as four miles south west of the Skerryvore Lighthouse) on the fishing skiff ‘Father & Sons’. They were likely capsized whilst attempting to return home the following morning.

Statements are provided by:
Marion Macdonald (widow, Balemartine. Mother of John Macdonald)
Mary McInnes or McDonald (wife of Lachlan MacDonald, Mannal. Aunt of John Orr, who resided with her)
Janet Kennedy (wife of Lachlan Macdonald, Balemartine)
Ann Macquarie or Macdonald (widow, Balemartine. Mother of Lachlan Macdonald)
Flora Macdonald (widow, Balemartine. Mother of Donald Macdonald)
Donald McLean (Manal. Father of John McLean)
Charles Maclean (fisherman, Balephuil)
Archibald McLean (Balephuil. Brother of Charles Maclean)
John Black (Balephuil)
Nile (or Niel) Maclean (fisherman, Balephuil)
Finlay Fraser (Detective Constable, Tiree)
Lachlan McDonald (shoemaker, Manal)
John McLean (crofter, Balephuil)

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Black & white photograph of the Skerryvore Lighthouse complex of buildings at Hynish during WWII, taken from a vantage point looking northwest. The photographer was RAF Service Photographer, ‘Peru’ (real name unknown), who served with 518 Squadron, RAF Tiree.


Gaelic hymn ‘Ionndruim a Chiobair air a Leannan / The shepherd’s love for his sweetheart’ composed by Alexander MacKinnon, Cornaigbeg (1880-1965), with sheet music and comments by his grandson.

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Alexander MacKinnon’s father, also Alexander, Kilmoluaig, was one of the Skerryvore Lighthouse team housed at Hynish. Alexander Sr died from pneumonia contracted after a sea rescue in a storm in 1887(?), after which Alex Jr and his mother had to vacate their Hynish cottage and live with her parents, MacLeans of Cornaigbeg.  Alexander Jr took Divinity at Glasgow University, serving as minister for 33 years at the Presbyterian Church in Manchester, St. Columba’s in Glasgow and at Kilmonivaig at Spean Bridge, amongst others. Former Vice-President of the Tiree Association.

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