Audio cassette recording of Cathie MacLean interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Coll on 10/7/2003.

Maggie Campbell talks to Cathie MacLean, the postmistress on Coll, about the postal services there over the last 19 years, the changes she’s seen in Coll over the years, the shipwreck of the ‘Nevada’ which went aground in Arinagour harbour, the two remaining thatched houses on Coll, Project Trust and the Coll Cattle Show. Tha Cathie NicGill-Eathain, bàna-mhaighstir a phòst air Colla a’ bruidhinn ri Mairead Caimbeul anns an t-Iuchair 2003 mu dheidhinn seirbheis a phòst fo chionn fichead bliadhna, na rudan a tha air atharrachadh ann a Colla thar na bhliadhnaichean, briseadh a Nevada, taighean tugha, Project Trust agus la sealladh na beathaich ann a Colla.

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Other Number: AC326
Normal Location: Bookshelves: audio cassettes
Current Location: normal location

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