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Audio cassette recording of Vivienne Johnston talking to Dr John Holliday in March 2000.

Vivienne Johnston of Heanish talks to Dr John Holliday in March 2000 about her relations in Balemartine, coming on holiday every year as a child then as an evacuee in 1939, her stay at Taylor’s Cottage, her experiences at Balemartine School where Gaelic was the language of the playground, the kindness of the MacDonalds at Catrim, going to the pictures, the wartime plane crashes, experiences of her later life and how living on Tiree has affected her.


Audio cassette recording of Iain Clark giving a public talk at An Iodhlann on 2/4/2000.

Iain Clark talks in An Iodhlann in April 2000 about his connection with Coll, his many happy memories of holidays there, the day the `Nevada` went aground off Coll in 1942 and its subsequent salvage, diet, radio, rationing and his first shooting experience. (Continues on AC200)


Audio cassette recording of Donald Kennedy, Balevullin talking to Maggie Campebll in 2000.

Donald Kennedy (Dòmhnall Eachainn) of Balevullin talks to Maggie Campbell in 2000 about the people who used to live in Balevullin, the mill and sawmill, shipwrecks, carrageen, the shops, the roads in the area, where they went and who lived there, sea captains, his own time at sea and the changes he’s seen.