Identity card issued 8/7/1942 for Christina MacKinnon of West Hynish

Identity card with photograph issued on 8/7/1942 for Christina MacKinnon of West Hynish

idcard.jpgTiree in 100 Objects – 6 – Registration Card

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects

Object Details

Other Number: E134

UK National Identity Card issued during World War II

As WWII approached in 1939, all UK citizens were required to sign the National Register, after which everyone received a National Identity Card. In most parts of Britain it would have been difficult to use your rations book for food etc. without your NID card. On Tiree, however, this is unlikely to have been an issue as everyone knew everyone else, and might explain why Christina MacKinnon of Balephuil/West Hynish did not need her card until 1942. NID cards were abolished in 1952.

Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 5: drawer 2
Current Location: normal location

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