Township: west hynish


Digitised copy of Memorandum of the rental of the east end of Tiree and of the west end of Tiree, 1662.

Contains the extent of the land measured in mail lands (a unit of land tenure possibly deriving from the Old Norse word mælir), with personal names included in the patronymic form. The townships listed are: Ballemulline (Balevullin), Killimulwaige (Kilmoluaig), Bijt (Beist), Basbwll (Bhasapol), Cornegmore (Cornaigmore), Cornegbeg (Cornaigbeg), Kenivaij (Kenovay), Ballefetrishe (Balephetrish), Kirkboll (Kirkapol), Wall (Vaul), Shallum (Salum), Qwaige & moill (Ruaig and Vuill), Caillis (Caoles), Hienishe (Heanish), Baighe (Baugh), Hilliboll & Crossboll (Heylipol & Crossapol), Balleno (Balinoe), Cw[y]eisse (Cuigeas), Sorribij & Ballemertine (Soroby & Balemartine), Manwell [Mannal], Heynish (Hynish), Herrinnine (Heren), Ballefwill (Balephuil), Kenivar (Kenavara), Barbwll (Barrapol), Ballemeanach (Middleton), Santaige (Sandaig), Grenall (Greenhill), Kerrafergosse (Kerreferguss), Kerremeanach, Kerrenakill (Keranokile), Crossiger (Kerachrosecar), and Mwrdate (Murstat)

This document is written in secretary hand. Click to view a transcript of this item.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 450, 11/09/2009

Local news: advert for a community Youth Worker; Gaelic poem ‘Tir Lurach‘ by Alec MacLean; An Iodhlann’s 1950 newspaper articles from the archive – no films for Tiree, distress flares off Hynish, youth let off distress flares, problems over electricity supply; TEAR home-composting event; RSPB news; dead leatherback turtle at W Hynish; community windturbine update; article by Matt Boyd about running the New York marathon; letter to the editor about HMS Sturdy; election of community councillors; High School mountain challenge; High School gala day schedule; search for Gaelic-speaking child to star in Hollywood film.


Tiree Memories calendar 2018, produced by Alec Walker, Edinburgh. Photographs include the ‘Mary Stewart’ in Scarinish Harbour ca 1940, Cornaig Mill ca 1935, sheep shearing in Scarinish ca 1935, Balemartine from Cnoc Mor, Christina MacDonald (Curstaidh) at her spinning wheel, the Fever Hospital at Heanish ca 1945, MacDonald’s Store in Scarinish ca 1945, Scarinish from the air ca 1955, Ruaig hay stooks ca 1955, Mona MacDonald outside her shop in Scarinish, the Lodge Hotel ca 1955, Gott pier and ferry ca 1935, Duncan MacLean and his sisters outside The Shepherd’s Cottage in West Hynish ca 1900.


Black and white photograph of the Kennavara coastline from a postcard dated May 1946 by Donald Winn who was stationed at RAF Tiree. The handwriting reads “May/46. Happy memories of a wonderful time. Love always _ xxx. An inspiring place with an inspiring person. Until the next time. Don McWinn”. Probably taken looking northwest from West Hynish.




Typed transcript of Donald Sinclair, West Hynish, singing about a boat named `Eilidh a` Chuain`, 1968

Transcript of Eric Gregeen interviewing Donald Sinclair, West Hynish, in 1968. Donald sings an old song in Gaelic about a trading boat named `Eilidh a` Chuain / Helen of the Seas`, which mentions the Isle of Mann. He doesn`t know its exact origin, only that it was passed down orally through generations of his family. Created on A3 paper using a typewriter. The transcript is labelled SA 1968/246/A1, suggesting that it may also be available on CD from Pròiseact Thiriodh, School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh.

2015.9.1 Donald Sinclair transcript


Front cover of a Bernard D Smith & Son calendar

Cardboard front cover of a calendar(? 2013?) made by and advertising Bernard D Smith & Son builders, West Hynish, showing a black & white photograph of the coal puffer `Anzac` unloading coal on Caoles beach in 1952. Photograph accessioned separately as U152.