CD Pròiseact Thiriodh CD-SA1968-22.

Donald Sinclair (Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhàin) of Balephuil sings ‘Mo Chailin Donn Òg’ and ‘Duanag a’ Chìobair’, talks about the famous wizard John MacLeod of Skye, sings ‘Gillean Ghleanndail’, a song advising men to marry, a satirical song ‘Lachann ’ic Iain ’ac Lachainn’, ‘Oran na Vivo’, a song about a herdsman in Caoles, a humorous song about herd ladies composed by Iain Mac Ailein and a sailor’s love song by the Balemartine bard.

Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Literature Table: CD rack
Current Location: normal location

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