Partially made harvest knots with instructions.

Partially made harvest knots with instructions from Lachie MacLean, Druimfhraoich on how to make them, recorded by John and Sarah Holliday. (Instructions in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer 3)


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How to make a harvest knot

Harvest knots were made at the end of the harvest and attached to the harnesses of the work-horses. These three stages of making a knot were used to demonstrate the process by Lachie MacLean, Druimfhraoich, who learnt it from his father. Have fun trying it yourself! - 1) cut two lengths of thick stem, 2) tie thread around one end, 3) plait together by bending one over the other at right angles, 4) tie other end with thread, 5) bend plait into a simple knot, and 6) tie the two ends together.

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