Gott Bay pier

Postcard of Gott Bay pier.


Courtesy of Mrs Maggie Campbell

The original pier at Gott Bay, built between 1909 and 1913, extended nearly 240 metres into the bay. Several aspects of the first design were altered. The planned iron and timber viaduct was abandoned and substituted with reinforced concrete construction.

Access to the low-water slip was moved from the centre of the pier-head to the back. This led under the pier to the main deck of the boat and was used for loading animals. The pier-head itself was built on timber piles.

The piles arrived on the island with square ends and were sharpened to a point by a Swedish carpenter using an axe. When the axe broke, Lachie MacKinnon (Lachlan Mac Eòghainn Ruaidh), a boat-builder in Vaul, took over the job using an adze until a new axe was available.

Black and white postcard of Gott Bay pier.

Gott Bay pier.

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