Photograph of Lachie MacFarlane, Hynish, with his lobster boat at Hynish pier, ca 1980.

Black & white photograph of Lachie MacFarlane (b. 1920), Hynish, launching his boat at Hynish pier to go bring-up/drop lobster creels, around 1980. Several creels can be seen in the front of the boat.


Object Details

Other Number: R130

Preparing to launch around 1980

Lachie MacFarlane of Hynish is getting ready to launch his boat at Hynish pier to tend his lobster creels, which will be settled on the seabed in shallow inshore waters close to Hynish. The topography of the seabed off Tiree is particularly suited to lobsters because of its complex rocky structure. Nowadays, lobster-fishing is done further offshore using larger motorised boats.
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs R100-199
Current Location: normal location

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