Black and white photograph of the raising of the `Loch Seaforth` in 1973.

The ferry `Loch Seaforth` which sank beside Gott Bay pier in 1973.


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Other Number: J31b

The ferry `Loch Seaforth` being raised from the seabed at Gott Pier in 1973

It ran onto rocks in Gunna Sound and began taking on water, at which point the passengers were taken ashore by the ferry`s three lifeboats. After it was refloated, it was towed to Gott Pier for inspection, but by the next day it had sunk, blocking the pier.
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2 thoughts on “1998.101.2

  1. Richard Hogarth

    As a young RAF rigger I travelled from Mallaig to Stornoway in 1962 and quite enjoyed the trip.

    It wasn’t until much later that I discovered that the ferry Loch Seaforth had bounced off most of the rocks in the Hebrides before finally sinking off Tiree.

    It couldn’t happen now – could it?

  2. Richard Wakeford

    My partner and I travelled on the Loch Seaforth from South Uist to Oban in 1972. It was foggy and we had cattle aboard, so it was noisy. After retiring at Lochboisdale, when we awoke Jill noted that ‘all these ports look much the same’. Not surprising, as we hadn’t moved all night. The next day, via Coll and Three as I recall, most of the crew regaled us with stories of past problems with the ferry, assuring us that ‘one day soon the old girl will sink’. We took this as a joke, but maybe shouldn’t have.


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