Unloading petrol drums off the M.V. ‘Loch Carron’ at Gott Bay pier

Photograph of petrol drums being unloaded from the M.V. ‘Loch Carron’ at Gott Bay pier.


Courtesy of Mrs Maggie Campbell

This photographs shows 44-gallon drums of petrol and diesel being unloaded from the M.V. ‘Loch Carron’ at Gott Bay pier. There were two petrol outlets on the island in the late 1970s: one at the pier-head owned by the West Highland Crofters & Farmers and the other at Browns’ shop in Balemartine.

Petrol was sold in Scarinish at a number of sites from the late 1920s onwards. The first pumps in the west end were installed in 1947 by Chrissie MacArthur who then owned the shop in Balemartine. There were also pumps in Balephuil between 1960 and 1972.

In 1991 the island faced a fuel crisis when the shop in Balemartine was sold to the Baptist Church and the ‘Crofters’ went into liquidation. In spring 1992 pumps were installed at the pier-head garage and the following year at the garage in Crossapol. Fuel is now delivered by bowser.

Colour photograph of the MV Loch Carron.

Loading petrol drums on the MV Loch Carron at Gott Bay pier.

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