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Hand-drawn plan of the proposed location of the new Cooperative building within Scarinish in 1950. Includes the location of the site of the burned out original store, a petrol pump at the roadside in front of the shop, the layout of a proposed bypass road to the north, and the Temperance Hotel. Drawn by J. McA. for SCWS Ltd, Architectural Dept., Glasgow.


DVD compilation of old films about Tiree

DVD compilation of six old films about Tiree created for the 2009 Feis Thiriodh film show from archive material from An Iodhlann – with accompanying programme. (1) Family holiday on Tiree 1957, (2) formation of the Crofters` Union 1985, (3) centenary of 1886 Crofters Act 1986, (4) Tiree Association sports day and first commercial flight 1929, (5) Tiree school trip to see concord at Heathrow 1984, (6) about Tiree with a ceilidh in the Lodge Hotel 1992.


Information about petrol outlets on Tiree in the 20th century.

Information about petrol outlets on Tiree in the 20th century gathered from Angus MacLean, Alasdair Sinclair, Lachie MacArthur, Iain Macleod and Alasdair MacArthur.


Newletter `An Tirisdeach, No. 353, 1/10/2005.

Local news and events including the visit of eleven Swedes, a design for a new Tiree flag, letter from the councillor and the cost of fuel freight, updates on the community wind turbine, A`Bhuain and broadband, the visit from Strathaven pipe band, United Auctions lamb and sheep sale, and news from the WRI, RSPB, Argyll College and the school.


‘Worth looking into’

Photograph taken at the old petrol pump at Scarinish in 1947.


Courtesy of Mrs Dolina MacDonald

The first petrol pump on the island was installed at the top of the pier by piermaster Kenneth MacKenzie in the late 1920s. This was removed either in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Around this time, the owner of the Scarinish Hotel, Johnny Brown, installed pumps in Scarinish village, as did the former post-mistress Maggie Robertson.

Johnny Brown sold petrol in two-gallon tins with a brass cap at a cost of 3/10½d (17p) for the petrol and tin. The pump was operated by turning a handle. The hotel was sold in 1950 to Donald Archie Cameron who installed new pumps which lasted until the late 1970s.

At first, petrol came in drums shaped like wooden barrels, as shown in this photograph. To remove dents in empty metal barrels, show-offs would ignite the petrol vapour inside by passing burning material at the end of a long stick over the bung-hole.

Black and white photograph of a man and a boy at the old petrol pump in Scarinish in 1947.

An unknown man and boy at the old petrol pump in Scarinish in 1947, titled `Worth looking into`. (Original in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer3)


Unloading petrol drums off the M.V. ‘Loch Carron’ at Gott Bay pier

Photograph of petrol drums being unloaded from the M.V. ‘Loch Carron’ at Gott Bay pier.


Courtesy of Mrs Maggie Campbell

This photographs shows 44-gallon drums of petrol and diesel being unloaded from the M.V. ‘Loch Carron’ at Gott Bay pier. There were two petrol outlets on the island in the late 1970s: one at the pier-head owned by the West Highland Crofters & Farmers and the other at Browns’ shop in Balemartine.

Petrol was sold in Scarinish at a number of sites from the late 1920s onwards. The first pumps in the west end were installed in 1947 by Chrissie MacArthur who then owned the shop in Balemartine. There were also pumps in Balephuil between 1960 and 1972.

In 1991 the island faced a fuel crisis when the shop in Balemartine was sold to the Baptist Church and the ‘Crofters’ went into liquidation. In spring 1992 pumps were installed at the pier-head garage and the following year at the garage in Crossapol. Fuel is now delivered by bowser.

Colour photograph of the MV Loch Carron.

Loading petrol drums on the MV Loch Carron at Gott Bay pier.


Audio cassette recording of Iain MacLeod of Cornaigbeg talking to Maggie Campbell in May 2001.

Iain MacLeod of Kilmoluaig talks to Maggie Campbell in May 2001 about leaving school aged 15, his days in the Army, coming with his wife Fiona in 1975 to work at Brown’s shop in Balemartine, his 15 years as shop manager when the petrol came in barrels and the sugar and oatmeal in cwt bags, lessons at Heylipol School for decimal conversion, their purchase of Brown’s shop at Crossapol and its refurbishment. Tha Iain Mhic Leòid a Cilmoluaig a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns a’ Chèitean 2001, ag ìnnseadh mar a dh’ fhàg e an sgoil air còig bliadhna deug a dh’ aois, a laithean ’s an Airm, a’ tighinn do Thiriodh còmhla ri Fionnghal, a’ bhean, ann an 1975, ag obair ann am bùth Bhrùnaich ann am Baile Mhàrtainn, na còig bliadhna deug a bha e na cheannard bùtha ’s an àm a bha peatral a’ tighinn ann am baraillean agus siùcar agus min-choirce ann am poca bolla, mar a cheannaich iad bùth Bhrùnaich ann an Crossabal agus mar a chaidh a nuadhachadh.