Morag Cameron of Moss

Photograph of Morag Cameron in the doorway of her thatched house in Moss.


Courtesy of Mr Angus Munn

Morag Cameron is pictured here standing in the doorway of her thatched house in Moss. The thatch is secured with coir rope and weighted down with stones. The rounded roof is characteristic of Tiree houses.

Inside would be a kitchen at one end and a best room at the other. The head of the house would occupy a small bedroom, a’ clòsaid, off the hall with the rest of the family sleeping in the loft. It was not uncommon for such houses to hold twelve people.

Traditionally the walls at the front of the house, the chimneys and around the windows were painted with white lime made by burning limpet shells. The walls inside were also given a coating of lime twice a year, in the summer and at New Year.

Black and white photograph of Morag Cameron, Moss, ca 1920s.

Morag Cameron outside her thatched house in Moss in the late 1920s. Note the thatch secured with coir rope weighted with stones. The ruin is opposite the `Greenbank` (with the post box). Morag was known as Mòr a` Phaal Aal because her father`s nickname was Phaal Aal / Pale Ale.

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