Transcript of a Police Report submitted to Tobermory Procurator Fiscal by John McDougall (Constable) charging Hugh Campbell with assault and Hugh Campbell, John McDonald and Neil Brown with Breach of the Peace in November 1877. Hugh Campbell (apprentice shoemaker, Cornaigmore), Neil Brown (son of Susan MacDonald, Cornaigbeg) and John McDonald (farm servant to Neil McLean, Cornaigmore) are accused of fighting at John McCallum’s croft in Cornaigbeg.

John McCallum (crofter, Cornaigbeg), Jannet McCallum or Thomson (sister of John McCallum, Cornaigbeg), Dugald McLean (cotter, Cornaigbeg) are named as witnesses and provide statements. John McCallum refers to the night of 12 November as being Hallowe’en [in the old calendar].

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


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