Information about the death of Captain Donald MacKinnon, Heanish, in 1867

Printed email about the death of Captain Donald MacKinnon (1827-1867), Heanish, in Cape Town in 1867. Cpt. MacKinnon was the captain of the `Taeping` that won the Great China Tea Race in 1866. After returning to Tiree, he was on a passenger and livestock steamer between Tiree and Mull, to join his ship in London for China, when rough seas caused the cattle to panic. Cpt MacKinnon helped to throw the cattle overboard (to save the ship) but was gored in the stomach in doing so. His recurring illness (probably septicemia) forced his ship to dock in Cape Town where he was hospitalised and then died. He is buried in Cape Town. Request for information about his grave-site from Angus MacKinnon to Cape Town authorities.

Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 9: drawer 3
Current Location: normal location

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