Brass name-plate inscribed with `Colin Campbell, Esq. V.D.L.`.

Brass name-plate inscribed with `Colin Campbell, Esq. V.D.L.`, found by Angus MacLean in Caoles, Coll, almost certainly belonging to the Colin Campbell of Balephetrish farm and father-in-law of Dr Alexander Buchanan. V.D.L. most likely stands for Van Diemans Land, the former name of Tasmania.

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  1. Andrew


    The reference to V.D.L. provokes me to register this comment. As a direct descendant of his youngest brother, Archibald McArthur Campbell, I can confirm that this Colin Campbell, born Caolas, Isle of Coll, later living with family at Sunipol, Isle of Mull, left for Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in 1820, and settled there on granted land, a farm that he called “Barbreck”. This family claims descendancy of the original House of Barbreck. Colin removed to Port Philip (Melbourne) and returned to farm at Balephetrish in 1852. In 1851 census you will see his father, Neil Campbell at Kenovay and his brother Donald at Baugh, and farming at the Reef. Father Neil died at Tiree in 1854. Neil was tacksman at Caolas, Coll with his brothers Malcolm & Murdoch in the 1790’s and went on to be tacksman at Sunipol, Mull in 1802, and Treshnish, then removed to Tiree. Donald went on to be tacksman of Ulva. Donald was the ony son not to go to the colonies, and Colin was the only to return to Scotland. Daughter Colina Georgina married Dr. Alexander Buchanan at the stately mansion that Colin Campbell built at Ach-na-cloich off Lorn. This property has been owned by the Nelson family now for many generations, following its sale to another family by Colin’s son Hector. Many of these documents would have been held by Colin Campbell Buchanan, eldest son of Colina/Dr. Buchanan. When Hector left him the remaining estates on Coll, the condition was that he change his surname from Buchanan to Campbell. This can be read in his will.

    I hope that this background will help those interested to have some context for these objects.

    1. Andrew

      A further point of potential interest :

      Colin’s wife Mary Ann Campbell (née McLean) and family is at Balephetrish in 1851 (refer census), just before Colin’s final return from Australia. Mary Ann is recorded in our family history as being from Hynish, Tiree, though it is proven that she was born on the Isle of Mull. It turns out that she must have spent time there with her brother George McLean, tacksman there. They were children of Hector McLean of Ensay and Mingary (Torloisk clan descendant) and Helen Campbell, daughter of Donald Campbell, Chamberlain of Tiree to circa 1800. It appears that Helen was born on Tiree when he was Chamberlain there (census info).


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