Taigh Raonaild in Brock

Photograph of Taigh Raonaild in Brock in 2003


Because thatching is so labour intensive, islanders have experimented with different roofing materials as they became available. The most popular has been a layer of felt laid on wooden sarking which is then tarred every other year.

The roof timbers were largely retained so that the shape of the new black roofs resembled that of the thatch. This design allowed small windows to be put into the roof space which give a more usable upper floor.

Putting a modern roof on to old walls has given the traditional houses a new life to an extent not seen anywhere else in Scotland. This was helped by a Housing Action Scheme run by the local authority in the 1980s which encouraged the renovation of existing houses rather than the building of new ‘kit’ houses.

Colour photograph of Taigh Raonaild in Brock in 2003.

Taigh Raonaild in Brock photographed by Dr John Holliday in 2003.

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