Black and white photograph of Balemartine School in 1948-49.

Balemartine School in 1948-49.
Jean Fletcher (3rd L),Alasdair MacDonald (4th L), Jannette Hendry (5th L), Hughie Ferguson MacDonald (6th L), Jenny Penman (next L at front), Joan Kennedy (next L at front), Ellen Penman (next L at front), Margaret Sinclair (next L at front), Helen Montgomery (next L at front), Jean Whitelaw (next L at front), teacher Mrs Mary MacArthur, Jemima Montgomery (6th R), Donald J. Kennedy (5th R), Margo MacKinnon (4th R), Archie MacArthur (3rd R), Kenny Stewart (2nd R front), Isabella MacArthur (1st R back).


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Other Number: Y43

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