The Tiree Home Guard

Photograph of the Tiree Home Guard during World War II.


The Home Guard, initially known as the Local Defence Volunteers, was created in 1940 to defend Britain against a possible German invasion. At first they were very poorly armed; it was not until 1943 they were a properly trained and equipped force.

The Tiree Home Guard was organised under the factor MacLaren and the gamekeeper Graham. There were weekly drills with parade ground work, sentry duty and shooting practice. Lookouts were posted at various vantage points around the island: Ben Hough, the Signalling Tower at Hynish, Tur Mhic Chaluim in Kilkenneth, Cnoc Ibrig at Baugh and the broch at Caoles.

Following the successful Allied offensive in France and the drive towards Germany, the Home Guard were formally stood down in December 1944 and finally disbanded a year later

Black and white photograph of Tiree Home Guard.

The Tiree Home Guard during World War II.

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