Archaeology Week success

Archaeology Week, organised by An Iodhlann with help from the Tiree Windfall Fund, came to a close at the start of May. A group of members of the Association of Certificated Field Archaeologists (ACFA) were accompanied by Dr Heather James from Northlight Heritage, an archaeological charity in Glasgow. The party spent four days in the field accompanied by a number of local volunteers, and discovered some fascinating prehistoric sites: triangular enclosures, the remains of a building near the Ringing Stone and a corn-drying kiln. On the south-east slopes of Ben Hynish they found lambing enclosures, a Bronze Age kerb cairn, a possible Neolithic stone circle and cairn, and a small building complex.

An evening of talks was very well attended: Dr Colleen Batey was particularly interested in a site at Vaul known today as Boidhegeir (from Old Norse borg geiri ‘the farm of the fort’). Dr David Caldwell was attracted to the idea that Island House was built on the site of the ‘lost’ medieval castle of Isleborgh, which has been puzzling historians for years. Dr Stuart Jeffrey created a digital three-dimensional image of the Ringing Stone and a recording of its sound.

The experts also examined some artefacts held in An Iodhlann, identifying brass lace endings, a medieval brooch, medieval horse buckles, and high-quality medieval pottery. Dr James also visited Tiree High School to introduce archaeology to some enthusiastic pupils.

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