Associated People: Whyte, Mrs Ena MacGregor, Oban (1920 - 1987)


Newspaper cuttings about Ena MacGregor Whyte, 1987, and Tearlach MacGregor Whyte, 1981

Photocopy of two newspaper obituaries (possibly from the Oban Times) for the daughter-in-law and son of artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte of Oban/Balephuil. (1) `An appreciation of Mrs Ena MacGregor Whyte`, wife of Tearlach MacGregor Whyte, 1987, (2) `Mr Tearlach MacGregor Whyte, Oban`, obituary, 1981.


Series of photocopied letters dated 17th May 1982 to 6th October 1982 between Christina MacGregor Whyte and Mr Colin O`Brien, the headmaster of Tiree High School, regarding a large bequest from the estate of Duncan MacGregor Whyte for school equipment. Duncan MacGregor Whyte was a renowned artist who built ‘The Studio’ at Balephuil, and who painted many portrait’s of Tiree people. Christina (Ena) MacGregor Whyte was his son’s wife.

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