Associated People: Brown, Captain Archibald, Mannal/Balephuil (1830 - 1898)


Printed scans from the register of the Royal Humane Society of London, 1869, showing the entry for Captain Archibald Brown, Mannal, and his crew who saved three of the crew of the ‘Maria & Fanny’ when it was stricken on rocks near Kenavara in August 1868. The Society awarded the Captain Brown the silver medal for bravery and his crew bronze medals. The crew were Neil Sinclair, Archibald MacLean snr, Archibald MacLean jnr, John Black, Duncan MacLean, Thomas Campbell and Archibald Brown.


Photocopy of a family tree for a branch of the Browns of Mannal (1800-present day), beginning with Hugh Brown (1800-1855), who married Euphemia McMillan (1801-1871), and their 10 children: Mary, Murdoch, Colin, Flora (1), Archibald, Catherene, Ann, Flora (2), Marion and John. Includes Brown, MacDougall, MacFarlane, MacIntyre and MacPhee.


Article from The Times newspaper, 1868, about the wrecking of the coal schooner ‘Maria and Fanny’ off Kenavara during a gale in 1868, the loss of its captain and one member of the crew, and the rescue of the surviving three crew by Captain Archibald Brown, Mannal, in a boat rowed from Balephuil.

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Large framed certificate from The Royal Humane Society, London, in 1869, belonging to Captain Archibald Brown, Mannal, for his actions and those of his crew in the rescue of the the surviving crew of a stricken schooner off Kenavara in Balephuil Bay in 1868. The vessel was the ‘Maria and Fanny’ of Milford, Wales, which was on its way between Ayr and Limerick with a load of coal. It was blown off course by a gale north of Ireland. The rescue was carried out at great risk to the captain and his crew. Captain Archibald and his crew were awarded medals of the Society.



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