Black and white photograph of HMS `Sturdy`

H.M.S. Sturdy, a warship on convoy protection duty during World War II. In a strong south-westerly gale on 30th October 1940 she ran aground on Sgeir nan Latharnaich at Sandaig with the loss of five lives. (Original photo in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer 4)


Object Details

Other Number: K141

HMS Sturdy - ready for action

The destroyer HMS Sturdy protected convoys of supply and passenger ships from German U-boats in the Atlantic during World War II. In a violent south-westerly gale on 30th October 1940, she lost her bearings and ran aground on rocks at Sandaig. Five crewmen lost their lives attempting to leave the foundering ship.
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs – K100-199
Current Location: normal location

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