Transcript of an Execution of Deforcement by Alexander Macdonald (Sheriff Officer) on 1 August 1855 at the instance George Douglas Campbell, Duke of Argyll. The transcript contains details of attempts to evict of Duncan MacFee, his wife Ann MacLean or MacFee and their children from ther home in Kentra (Kintra) in Mull. An inventory of the goods and gear belonging to MacFee and MacLean, which includes ‘one Tyree Croggan’, (craggan) is provided.

Statements are provided by Alexander McDonald (Sheriff Officer, Bunessan) and Catherine McLeod or Black (wife of Lachlan Black, Kintra).

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.

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Other Number: TPF/1855/2
Normal Location: Computer file: Desktop/Digital Documents
Current Location: normal location

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