Composition about the life and family of  John Miller Matthew Geekie, who was a factor for the Duke of Argyll on Tiree. His sons Peter J,, John Neil, and Charles S. were born in Tiree in 1871-73. The family emigrated to Manitoba, Canada. Compiled by Charles A Muir, Ottawa, 2017.

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Geekie’s wife Ann Campbell (1844-1918) was 1st cousin to Colina Georgina McLean Campbell, Balephetrish (1841-1930), wife of Doctor Alexander Buchanan, Baugh. Ann was the daughter of Donald Campbell Tacksman of Reef & Ulva. Colina was the daughter of Colin Campbell (Cailean Mhor) of Coll. Colin bought the two ends of Coll and owned the farms of Cornaig & Caolis. Both Colin Campbell (1798-1867) and Donald Campbell (1801-1884) were sons of Niel Campbell, Tacksman of Sunipol (1769-c1854).


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  1. Andrew Campbell

    The two ends of Coll Cornaig-more, Cornaig-beg, Sorasdale, … (east end) and Caolas plus the Isle of Gunna (west end) were not part of the property of Maclean of Coll. Indeed they were acquired from Maclean of Duart by the Earl of Argyll as part of the transaction that enforced his acquisition in the 1680s of the Duart properties of the Isle of Tiree, parts of Mull, parts of the Morven and the two ends of the Isle of Coll.

    This Coll Campbell family obtained the two tacks and purchased the two ends of Coll from Argyll in 1807: “‘The two ends of Coll have been sold by Argyll’, Mr Donald Maclean wrote to his son Alexander on 15 February 1807: ‘Our worthy friend Coll was promised preference by the Duke … but was disappointed, Malcolm and Murdoch Campbell have bought them for £ 8,000’. p356 Ch39, SIX HUNDRED YEARS IN THE HEBRIDES 1400-2000 From Clan to Regiment , Nicholas Maclean-Bristol.

    Indeed it was the sons, John (of Malcolm) and Alexander (of Murdoch) who by 1848 were declared bankrupt. Colin was their cousin, and acquired the estates on his return to Scotland in 1852.


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