Jack Munn’s shop at Baugh

Photograph of the site of Jack Munn’s shop at Baugh taken in 2002.


Donald Munn of Baugh and his wife Margaret Lamont had six children: Hugh, Donald, Dan Tulloch, John (known as Jack), Mary and Ann. Donald started a coal business, bringing puffers into Port a’ Mhuilinn below the house, and a shop called ‘The Store’.

Jack took over the shop, as well as the tenancy of Baugh farm. Being a full-time farmer meant that the shop was more often open in the evenings. He also ran a horse-drawn van, which would make the trip to Caolas every second Saturday with goods from his shop.

On his return through Scarinish, the boys of the township would lie in wait and try to clamber unseen on to the back of the cart in the hope of some free sweets, but old Jack was too fly for them and would send the tip of his whip curling around their ears. The shop closed around 1940.

Colour photograph of the site of Jack Munn`s shop at Baugh taken in 2002.

The site of Jack Munn`s shop at Baugh, photographed by John Holliday in 2002.

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