The mill lade at Cornaig

Photograph of the mill lade at Cornaig.


The mill at Cornaig was powered by water from Loch Bhasapol. Drainage into the loch from Kilmoluaig sliabh was controlled by the miller using a small dam. He could also control the level of the loch by using a sluice-gate at the top of the mill lade.

The water was led down a sluice to the vertical wheel, which was ‘breast-driven’, hitting the wheel halfway down. This was less efficient that an overshot wheel where the water hit the wheel higher up but was the best that could be achieved as the loch level is only slightly higher than the mill.

The amount of water hitting the wheel determined the speed at which it turned. The miller could vary this by raising or lowering a flap at the bottom of the lade, which directed more or less water on to the wheel.

Colour photograph of the mill lade at Cornaigmore.

The mill lade at Cornaigmore taken by Dr John Holliday in 2003.

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