Angus MacKechnie talking about mischief at school

Sound clip in English of Angus MacKechnie talking about the mischief he and his friends got up to on the way to Heylipol School in the 1950s and 60s.

Courtesy of Mr Angus MacKechnie

Angus MacKechnie of Crossapol was recorded talking to Maggie Campbell of Kilmoluaig in October 2005 about his schooldays. He was strapped at school, deservedly so according to himself, for breaking the ceramic insulators on the telegraph poles on the road to Heylipol School.

This was a popular sport amongst schoolchildren, in Ruaig as well as Heylipol, and required accuracy in throwing stones. A boy’s reputation depended upon success, especially if the girls, who were guilty of the same activity, scored a direct hit.

Today Angus and his wife Nancy run one of the two school buses on the island and the popular Ring ‘n’ Ride service which provides transport on request. Angus also works crofts in Crossapol, Heylipol and Moss.

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